Clinic FAQ

FAQ about Clinics  
  • How many people can ride in a clinic? 10
  • How many days are the clinics? 2 days
  • Is no limit to the watch & learns? No, there is not. The cost is $75.00 to watch and learn. 
  • Can kids can ride in the clinics? Yes
  • If I sign my child up do I have to pay? No, Parents and drivers do not pay to come to the clinic.
  • What is the best age for a kid? We like to see kids be at least 10 years of age. We do leave this up to the parents judgment.
  • Can I bring my kid for a shorter time? Yes, We know a clinic can be a long day for a young person so you can come later and leave earlier if you need to. (please let us know before the clinic day if you are not staying the entire day)
  • Do I get a discount for kids or shorter times at the clinic? No
  • If I have to have someone drive me do they have to pay? No, If your husband or wife needs to drive you they do not have to pay. Family member of students do not pay.
  • Do you get one on one time with Dena? Yes, these are not cookie cutter clinics.
  • Does we do group drills? No
  • Do I have to have a finish barrel horse for the clinic? No, any age of horse that won’t buck you off is great! 
  • Can I take a young horse? Yes, it's up to you.
  • Does Dena take all levels of barrel racers? Yes, because you work one on one.
How do you get A Dena Kirkpatrick clinic at your arena or in your town? Just send us an email or give us a call.