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EP 17: Part 1 Lindy Burch & Dena Kirkpatrick | The Importance of Horsemanship

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Dena Kirkpatrick

Pink Buckle Futurity Fastest Run

Racers Edge Podcast

In this Racer’s Edge podcast episode, Embracing Change, we visit with special guest and host, Dena Kirkpatrick, to discuss the history of Racer’s Edge and our long-time working relationship. You will learn about some of our personal experiences with riding and training horses as well as our favorite equine products and motivational quotes.

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Embracing Change & Secrets to Success in Barrel Racing with Dena Kirkpatrick

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Learn more about the products Dena uses in her daily training program.

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Classic Equine

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One Smooth Motion DVD Set

Dena Kirkpatrick - Dena's One Smooth Motion 5 DVD Set The unique training method of champion Barrel Racing Trainer Dena Kirkpatrick.

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